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Video & Installation Art


Breathing Wall 01, Video Projection Mapping on Limestone Wall, 2015



Screen Touch Screen Touch Screen, Digital Audio and Video, 2015

Hands form a moving mandala of connectivity, the user and his reflections are indistinguishable. The hands are browsing an online map of the site with sounds of the data conversation. The wireless traffic was recorded in realtime with a sonification device and mixed to emphasize the building and decaying rhythms of a web-browsing session. The inspiration was to frame touchscreen use as dance, and hear the invisible waves of wireless data as music.

screentouchscreentouchscreen Freestate Fest                video installation view - Free-State Festival - Lawrence 


Feral Clocks installation as exhibited at Free State Festival, June 2014.

When time is merely a mirage, numbers flash and radio static buzzes as the clocks go feral. This work was inspired by firefly mating signals, cicada songs, and the eerie post-storm ambiance when all the clocks in the house are blinking after a blackout, when the sense of time is temporarily suspended.  It's also an exploration in the encroachment of technology on nature, McLuhan's view of technology as a natural outgrowth, and the idea of an Elan Vital (life force) inherent even in machines.




Data.Dapples Video Projection Installation, 2014

Information propagates in currents and tide. This video painting uses data-bending techniques to turn the artist's footage of the Adriatic Sea into a rippling glitch field.

Seen as exhibited at Free State Fest 2014 in Lawrence, Kansas..      



WSB Talking Effigy, Video Mapping installation of William S. Burroughs reading his work, collaged covers of Burroughs' books. As seen exhibited in WSB//Animals in the Wall, London, 2014. Realized with assistance from Perrine Wettstein



Live Video Visuals for James Ilgenfritz performance at Wounded Galaxies Festival, Bloomington, Indiana, 2015


SSAVYZ Samin Son Greenhouse Berlin

Live Video Visuals for Peripheral Visions

Plateau Gallery, Berlin

as part of Month of Performance Art - Berlin

in collaboration with Samin Son, 2015


D4T4 F4LL5, 2014, Data-bent Video Painting



Spaces Between Thoughts, Data-bent Video Painting and music by Owl People



Recursive Replies, Circuit/Data-bent video, 2013


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